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Como realizar un Tutu (ingles)

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photo Como realizar un Tutu (ingles)

Mensaje por luisssy el Sáb Dic 06, 2008 8:35 pm


1. Get your materials:
-Measuring Tape
-Sewing machine(optional)
-Fabrics: tulle and another of your choice (you will need approx. 5 yards of tulle. If you want a thicker tutu, get more yards)

2. Measure your waist and the length you want your longest layer of your tutu be.

3. Cut thread that is 2inches longer than your waist measurement. put it aside for later.

4. Fold your tulle fabric as many times as you want. This depends on how many layers of tulle you want each layer of your tutu to have. (make sure you have at least double the length of your waist measurement)

5. Roll your tulle fabric. Then cut at different lengths for different layers(cut your longest layer first. Then cut the rest about an inch less every time.)

6. Unroll the tulle and layer on top of one another. Be sure to leave spaces between them when laying them down.

7. Sew along the top, where all the tulle fabric meets. (start to sew where ALL the layers meet) As you sew, push the tulle over to begin making ripples.

8. Make a double knot to keep the tulle from sliding out.

9. Get the fabric of your choice and cut it. The length will be the same as your thread and the width will be your choice(the thicker you want your waistband to be, the thicker you cute the width)

10. Sew the ends together and sew hems on both sides.

11. Pin the waistband to your tutu, where the ripples are. Then sew it together(be sure to leave a gap to insert your elastic.)

12. Cut your elastic about half an inch less than your actual waist measurement. That way it will stay on instead of fall down. Attach a safety pin to the end of your elastic and slide in into your waistband.

13. Once the elastic is in, take off the safety pin and sew the elastic ends together. Then sew the remaining of the waistband and your done! (its preferable to sew around the waistband one more time to make it more secure)

Ending result:

well this is my first tutorial...
i'm not that good at teaching stuff so i really hope you understood my directions. if not, ask my and i'll do my best to clarify it better


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photo Re: Como realizar un Tutu (ingles)

Mensaje por sgff el Vie Sep 25, 2009 12:06 pm

Creativa Baby
Creativa Baby

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